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Who We Are

Golden Mile Cleaning can provide cleaning for commercial premises – professional offices, banks, mine sites, crib rooms, kitchens, toilets and workstations, events of all sizes and more.

All our team are experienced cleaners and trained by professional staff that have undergone intensive training themselves to provide the utmost professionalism and standards, ensuring conformity across all sites.

We ensure all our staff have police clearances, site specific inductions together with being fully vaccinated.

Our hours are flexible to ensure our jobsites are clean and tidy to the highest standards for you to start the next day and minimise any disruption to the day to day running of your operations.

We provide our own comprehensive cleaning material or alternatively can utilise your preferred items.

With over 50 employees, all our training is focused on bringing the best quality to our customers. We regularly come and speak to our clients to ensure they are happy with the service we are providing and how we can enhance that service.

We use the best products on the market to get the best results without compromising the costs to our customers. 

We have had the pleasure of servicing major events to minesites, from business’s to their company houses, from schools and banks all the way to hospitals and even as far as little towns seeking quality cleaners. 

If your looking for quality cleaners for your business, minesite, home or town please give us a call on 9021 8380 or Email at enquiries@gmcleaning.com.au


At Golden Mile Cleaning, we envision a future where hygiene speaks volumes.

Our proficient team, shaped by rigorous training, is dedicated to setting unparalleled cleanliness standards in diverse commercial landscapes. Through flexible service hours, superior supplies, and consistent client engagement, our goal is to foster environments that radiate professionalism, thereby earning the trust of every space we touch.


Delivering Excellence Through Professional Cleaning Solutions.

Our mission at Golden Mile Cleaning is to provide unmatched commercial cleaning services that uphold the highest standards of professionalism and quality. With a dedicated team of experienced cleaners, rigorous training, and a commitment to using the best products, we ensure that your premises, whether offices, events, or industrial sites, are immaculately cleaned and maintained. We aim to minimize disruptions, enhance operational efficiency, and exceed client expectations, offering a range of tailored solutions that showcase our dedication to excellence.

Sponsoring Events

Golden Mile Cleaning is actively participating in various events in and around Kalgoorlie.

By supporting these events, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to the well-being of the community and the environment.

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